Our Business Coordinator in Nepal

Our Business Coordinator in Nepal

 As you know, our products are handmade by women from marginalized communities in Nepal and we share a portion of our profit with them each year. We usually get questions from our customers on how we share.

When I started, my goal was to introduce Nepali Handicraft to the local community here and share a portion of the sales proceeds with the artisans in Nepal but it’s easier said than done.

Traveling each year to Nepal is not feasible but I wanted to make sure the individuals who contributed to the creation of the products we carry were additionally compensated for their hard work. This is where our business coordinator comes in. Meet Bina Dangol who works as a part-time business coordinator for us in Nepal. 


 Bina Dangol, Business Coordinator


Bina (center) coordinating profit sharing event for 2021 with a group of Nepali women artisans.

Believe me, coordinating with various groups and organizations is a whole different ballgame and she has been helping us out on this mission for the past couple of years now.

We work with four small cottage industries and one non-profit organization. In some organizations, most of the artisans work full-time in the factory, and in others, the majority work from home. Most of the women who work from home lives outside of the Kathmandu valley, so coordinating with various groups and organizations for this "profit sharing" process becomes lengthy and challenging. In the process of giving back, Bina not only works with the owners and managers of the organizations to identify a group of artisans who are eligible for receiving the reward, but she also coordinates the time and date for the reward ceremony. Sometimes she has to visit the same organization more than once to ensure everyone is reached out in person and rewarded. It usually takes 3 to 4 months to complete the whole process.

We are proud to report that Bina has reached out to the majority of the artisans and shared the proceeds of our 2021 sales. She is still working with a few individuals and groups. We will keep you updated through our blog posts in the future.

This wouldn't have been possible without support from individuals like you, so on behalf of the artisans, we thank you for your tremendous support.

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