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Annual Christmas Craft Show, November 9th, 2019

We attended our first Annual Christmas Craft Show this weekend on Saturday, November 9th . The Annual show was organized by Skyview Lodge. There were number of vendors attending the show and showcasing there unique creations and collections.   The ambience and food of Skyview Lodge was great.There was a good flow of customers coming in to buy unique gifts for Christmas. We like to thank all our customers for stopping by our booth. Hope to see you again in our coming events.  

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I am Arpan Shrestha - founder of Nepali Artisans

My name is Arpan Shrestha and I have been living in Cleveland, Ohio for almost 10 years after I moved from Nepal. I owned a handicraft business back home. I had been introduced to handicraft products since I was a kid. My uncle owned a couple of stores that sold handmade souvenirs to tourists. I used to help him manage his store during winter vacations. The craftsmanship and the intricacy of the handcrafted products always fascinate me. That’s what inspired me to open my own handmade souvenir store shortly after I graduated high school. I ran a handicraft business for 11 years. After I moved to the US, I went to a college and landed on an internship and acontracting job for few years. However, I was...

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