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Felted Cat Cave - Blue
Felted Cat Cave - Blue
Felted Cat Cave - Blue
Felted Cat Cave - Blue
Felted Cat Cave - Blue

Felted Cat Cave - Blue

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Adorable handmade felt cat cave for your furry friend. Your cat will love the warmth and softness of the felt. Perfect for cats to play and snuggle inside. It is a spacious hideout for cats of all sizes from kittens to big cats weighing up to 25 lbs. This Eco-friendly cat cave will add a whimsical touch to your lounge. This can be a great gift for cat lovers.
Product Details
  • Handmade by women artisans of Nepal
  • Made of 100% pure sheep wool.
  • Non-Allergic and Non-Toxic
  • Hand dyed using azo-free dye, safe for children and pets
  • No chemicals are used in the process of making them
Size:          Extra-large 
Diameter : 18 inch approx.
Height :     10.5 inch approx.
Weight :     2 lbs approx.
Color :        Blue with white pattern
Quantity :   1


  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean light soils.
  • If cat cave is more soiled or messy: Wipe dirt and dust off with soft, clean cloth or sponge, damp it slightly with cold water and dab at the stain until clean
Do not soak cat cave in soapy hot water. This can result in a permanent damage and deformation to the felt product.