Profit-Sharing 2021

Profit-Sharing 2021

We finally completed our process of "profit sharing" for 2021. Believe me, it took all of 2022 and it was primarily due to difficulty bringing everyone together since individuals work in diverse locations within and outside of the Kathmandu valley. In December of 2022, we made final contributions to the artisan who creates paper notebooks in Kathmandu and also to a local Ohio non-profit, The Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

We are pleased to inform you that the contributions to individual artisans in Nepal for 2021 was much more significant compared to the year before and this has only been possible due to your support. As we look for ways to make these contributions more impactful, its worth mentioning about one of the recipients who happens to be a single mother and also a sole bread winner for her family. What she earned from her living wages would barely fulfill the basic necessities of her family. When we learned about her situation, we were able to arrange additional monetary reward for her and she was very grateful for it. It is stories like this that makes the effort of profit sharing worthwhile no matter how challenging it is. We would like to thank you all once again as this wouldn't have been possible without your support.

Felt craft artisans

Artisans from Hatti-Hatti (non-profit organization)

Glass-bead bracelets artisans

Felt craft artisan (single-mother)

Handmade paper notebook artisan

Glass bead bracelet and necklace artisans



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