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About Us

When visiting Nepal in early 2018, I stumbled upon various hand-crafted products that are made by women artisans in and outside of the Kathmandu valley. These products are beautifully crafted and the perseverance and dedication put into creation of each product cannot be expressed in words. You need to see it and feel it to fall in love with it like I did. This is when it struck me that I can be that person to promote their work and make it more accessible to a wider and diverse community. That's when this company was born and aptly named "Nepali Artisans".

I have been involved in the creation and design process for some products and I am confident that consumers and enthusiasts like you would love and appreciate the beauty and individuality of handmade products. Not to mention, sales of these products gives an opportunity for these women to earn a stable income and empower them to be independent and established in a patriarch society. This epitomize what our company stands for and therefore our slogan Create - Thrive - Support.

The products speak for themselves in terms of quality and my intent is to simply showcase them here. I participated in arts and craft shows and festivals to promote them and will continue to do so. Watch out for our blogs and latest news and events by signing up for our newsletter and you will receive discounts too.


Founder Member,
Arpan Shrestha