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Story behind beautiful creations

Meet Shova Magar, she is one of the artisans who made your glass bead bracelet. Shova is 29 years old and comes from eastern hilly region of Nepal. She moved to Kathmandu (capital of Nepal) with her husband and six year old son in search of better employment opportunity. Due to lack of education and skills, Shova could not find a sustainable job until after she came in contact with our partnered organization in Kathmandu where she received training to crochet. The glass bead bracelets we have showcased in our website are a product of the skillsets Shova and many other artisans like her has acquired through such trainings.  

Today, Shova is one of the fine artisans. She is very proud that she can now provide additional financial support consistently to her family. In future, she hopes to become an entrepreneur and teach other women how to crochet and manage her own workshop.

Nepali Artisans aspire to promote handmade products made by women artisans of Nepal to the US community. Thank you for supporting Shova and many women artisans like her by purchasing the handmade glass bead bracelets.