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Nepali Artisans

Natural Dryer Balls

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This felted dryer ball is handmade by women artisans of Nepal.

  • Made of organic sheep wool.
  • Each dryer ball is hand-felted and dried in natural light after given desired shape
  • Felt dryer balls are Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic
  • Hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin and newborn babies
  • No chemicals are used in the process of making these felt dryer balls

Feel free to add a drop of your favorite essential oil on each ball for scented load.

Gently softens clothes and separates and creates space between your laundry, allowing the hot dryer air to circulate better subsequently cutting down drying time by 25% for large loads and about 50% for small loads. Saves money by cutting down drying time and energy for the environment.

Product Information
Material: Felt
Color: Natural (Not Dyed)
Shape: Round

Diameter: 3+ inches approx. (slightly larger than a size of a tennis ball)
Quantity: 1 Dryer Ball


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